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2014 Statesboro Film Festival
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The Statesboro Film Festival 2015 is open to all.

  • Entries must be postmarked by the deadline date. No exceptions. Early entries due by 4/03/2015 and late entries due by 4/10/2015.
  • Two (2) copies are to be submitted. One (1) data disc containing film AVI and artwork (poster, etc.) and one (1) copy in DVD format. In addition to the required disc submission, please submit your film online at for online voting. Films will be posted pending review.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by a separate submission, which includes the form and payment for each submission.
  • Filmmaker grants necessary editing rights should a film require it (no nudity, language is permitted, however a clean version must be provided for online viewing (must be safe for radio/broadcast standards)).
  • Only completed submission forms with entry fee will be accepted.
  • Entry fees are to be made payable to “Statesboro Publishing” by check or money order. No cash accepted.
  • Only films produced after 2013 will be eligible.
  • If a valid email is provided, you will be notified your entry was received.
  • Statesboro Publishing assumes no liability in the event of damage to videos or materials.
  • Music and talent releases must be obtained by the filmmaker. Statesboro Publishing is not liable for copyright infringement or unauthorized use.
  • All entries must be original and independently produced.
  • Films must be NO MORE than 8 minutes in length.
  • For joint efforts, the filmmakers must assign a single representative to act on their behalf. All official correspondence shall be addressed only to the assigned representative. Statesboro Herald Publishing is not responsible for any issue that may arise amongst the partners with regards to the competition.
  • Films with non-English dialogue must have subtitles to be eligible.
  • If your film is selected to be shown on the Statesboro Publishing website, we ask that the film not be viewable in its entirety online on sites such as, My Space or You Tube until the completion of the festival (when the film has been up for one month time from the date of announcement).
  • Entries will not be returned unless a self-addressed envelope with appropriate postage is provided with submission(s).
  • No previous films submitted can be submitted a second time
  • Judges decisions are final.


    • Best Film
    • Best Director
    • Best Cinematography
    • Best Editing
    • Viewer's Choice